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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

New Silhouette Product Review: Meet The New Curio

Silhouette Curio Machine

Let's just say I'm really giddy right now! Squeal!

I just got the new Silhouette Curio! This machine is a compact crafting work-horse!

It's a very different product than Silhouette's previous machine, the Cameo; so it is hard to compare the two machines. It's like apples to oranges. So it's not necessarily an either or may find that you need both.

The Curio boasts of a variety of new functions that utilize several new tools--allowing you to create with gusto. These new tools easily make the Curio the most versatile machine in the craft market to date!
It also has a very attractive retail price of $249.99
Silhouette Curio Machine with 8.5x6 inch base

Let me go through all the things it can do...

Curio Capabilities:
It can cut
It can stipple (Metal and Foil--think pie safes!)
It can etch (scratches designs into the surface of metal)
It can emboss
It can score (using fine emboss tool)
It can sketch

Then to make things even more exciting...
it can do a combination of any of the above!!!

That's because their is a double tool holder on this machine--allowing you to put two tools in at a time.
Silhouette Curio Machine dual tool holder
Combo Capabilities:
print then emboss (think letterpress)
cut and emboss
cut and stipple
cut and score (blade and fine emboss)
cut and sketch
and a bajillion other combinations...I'm sure there's a math formula that can calculate the exact number of combinations...All I know that it's enough combos to keep my crafty heart a flutter!

Media compatability...
So in addition to cutting paper and fabric, you can cut thicker media with a special blade. You can also cut vinyl, heat transfer, and all the other fun fancy media (rhinestone templates) that you could cut with the Cameo...but the machine will take a few new forms of media leather (for embossing,) metal (for stippling and etching,) and more!

I even saw them put in a block of wood at the Silhouette Summit, but that wasn't to cut was so they could use the sketch feature to draw a design on it that they could burn into it.

Truth be told...people are going to start inventing their own uses for these tools and as crafters use the machine, they will be showing us what it is capable of and what to do with it!

What Comes in the Standard Curio box: 
Silhouette Curio Machine 8.5x6 inch base set
A 8.5x6 inch base set which includes:

The plastic base to which all platforms or mats are attached. This base gives a solid foundation for a variety of projects that are passed through the machine.

There is a 8.5x6 inch sticky cutting mat.

A sticky embossing mat (it's padded for deeper emboss.)

There is one type 1 platform and two type 2 platforms--your Silhouette Studio software will tell you which you need for your project in the cutting settings. It will either tell you 1, 2, or3. 3 is a combination of using platforms 1 and 2 together.

All platforms snap easily onto the base via the snap posts which correspond with the holes in the mats or the platforms.

Additional box contents:
The Curio also comes with a Free 1-month Trial in the Silhouette store. You'll want to be a member of their download store eventually for unbeatable prices on designs.
The new Silhouette Studio Software (Version 3.4, updates are free to download online!)
You also get an instruction book

What is available separately:

An 8.5x12 inch platform set for those who enjoy larger projects.

That doubles the size of the cutting platform that it comes with!

There are also replacement mats and platforms.

There is also a Designer Edition of the Silhouette Studio Software available for those who want to be able to cut SVG designs.

There are also felt tipped pens designed for use with the Curio. (Also work in the Cameo and Portrait.) They are designed with a tip that works well with the Curio's stipple feature.

Things that I like...
I love the variety of things this machine can do. My brain is spinning with possibilities of different designs that I can create specifically for this machine. I want to utilize all of it's functions and I'll enjoy designing for it.

I really like how the crafting platform holds the cutting mats, and the variety that the different bases offer--such as the embossing base. It seems that the new base/platform system really does a great job in holding projects steady in the cutter.

Love that you can put really thick product in here...yes...I saw wood in the machine (not for cutting...but to be sketched on) Quoting from the Silhouette website:
"More clearance means more options. 
The Curio’s 5mm clearance allows you to etch, sketch, or cut on new project palettes. Think wood, foil, leather, foam, and even metal."

Not many, really...but I cannot deny that I am disappointed that this machine only comes with an 8.5x6 inch base. However, I think that I can be quite happy with the 8.5x12 inch base when it comes out (Mid August.) I have to remember that the Curio is a different crafting machine altogether. It's a workhorse capable of many things--cutting is just one of the things it does. The other things that it does, don't necessarily need the use of a large 12x12 area. That's where I'll still get some good use out of my Cameo. I'll start designing my 3D projects with the 8.5x12 max area in mind.

Tell me what do you think of the new machine!



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  2. Can we design our own designs like in cameo. I am new to digital machines but I liked that it does embossing too unlike cameo. Which one is better to go with

  3. You can design in the studio software that comes with the cameo, or you can design in adobe illustrator.


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