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Monday, April 06, 2015

Spring Birdhouse SVG cut file tutorial

Wow! It's really feeling like Spring. I hope you are enjoying some of some nice weather wherever you are from. Being in the Spring-y mood, I created a birdhouse design this week for you.

This one is super easy to assemble, and is available at at this link here:
1. Fold on crease lines as shown.
2-4. Fold bottom together as shown.
6-7. Fold top as shown.
8-9. Fold roofline pieces as shown, then attach to the rectangular roof piece.
10. Attach roof with glue.
11. Cut 1/4 inch straw end so that if fans out. Insert into hole, and add glue to hold it in place.
12. Assemble bird and glue where you wish.

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