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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vinyl Cross by Christine

Hi Samantha Walker fans, Christine hosting the blog today! I love using vinyl to decorate my home and change things up regularly.  It's not expensive and so I don't feel guilty changing it out here and there.  Today I decided to use one of Samantha's new crosses to create a new vinyl piece in my living room!
I picked up a wood frame that I thought would coordinate nicely and then spray painted that black.  I cut the cross (#63275) out in a black vinyl and centered it on the wall inside of the frame. It cut perfectly on the first time too - love how nicely the Silhouette Cameo cuts vinyl!

I then added some rhinestones to various points to give it a little extra dimension and pop!

It goes perfectly with all my black picture frames and adds a nice, new fresh touch to the room!  

Thanks for joining us today!

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