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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Creating a Chalkboard Home Decor Piece

Hi Samantha Walker fans!  Christine joining you today with a simple weekend project to try!  The chalkboard trend is still going strong and today I thought I'd share with you how I created a chalkboard home decor piece using Samantha's files!  To do this you will need one piece of black cardstock - even a faded or uneven tone will work here!  You will also need a Silhouette Sketch Pen in white.

To begin you will want to use the 12 X 12 Doily Set Large Open Scallop Edge #60394 set and eliminate all but one of them on your screen

Then add the sentiment (Home is' 43898) to the middle stretching it to a size that you are happy with!

Insert your white sketch pen and let it do it's work on the design.  Once it is done remove the sketch pen and the now sort of chalkboard looking piece.  Use your white sketch pen to add some chalky-ness to the design!

I filled in spots throughout the letters and swirls.  I also just kind of scribbled to create a smudged look in several places.  That's the cool thing about chalk - it has a messy-ness to it that makes it unique!  I then attached the whole thing to a square canvas so I can hang it up on my wall.  

Best of all you don't actually have to deal with chalk!  You get the effect without the real mess!

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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