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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creating Shaped Cards from Label Sets with Allie

Hi, it's Allie from My Card Party and I have a fun tutorial for you today, a shaped card. I thought this would be the perfect card for a friend and her little girl.

You'll need two of Samantha's files and a font, along with 
some cardstock and patterned paper.

Cutting Files:

Fancy Label Set (#20137)
Fancy Label Set (#20321)

Shown below are the two files. We will not need all the pieces.

Here's the shapes we're using.

We'll flip both shapes vertically. For the upper label, release the compound path, and inner offset the inside mat. For the bottom piece, we'll release the compound path again and create two copies of the outer piece. I've colored the pieces so you can see where they go in the card.

Resize pieces to fit the way you would like them. I like to arrange them right on the screen to see how they'll look. Add a score line to one of the large peach mats, as shown. I like to go to the right of some of the detail, because that won't hold up well to folding.

(Tip: If you hold down the shift line while drawing a line, you get a perfectly straight line.) 

Cut your pieces out and embellish as desired. I used a stamped, colored image along with flowers and bling. When you adhere your front mat to the back mat (the one with the score line), you'll only place adhesive to the LEFT of the score line.

Thanks for joining me today. There are a couple of different ways to create a shaped card, but I find this one easy. I hope you do too!

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