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Friday, October 26, 2012

Natural Therapeutic Hot/Cold Pack Tutorial by Pinky

Hey there friends, 
Pinky here today with a tutorial for Therapeutic Hot/Cold Packs that are all natural and easy to make yourself. Samantha Walker's beautiful Decadence Fabric line makes them perfect for fall or just to make a stunningly styled hot/cold pack. 

Uses for these?? 
Migraines, aches and pains, bed warmers (much larger of course), lovies (in the shape of animals) bread basket warmer- to keep food warm or cold. 
You can freeze them or heat them,just leave in freezer or heat in microwave for 1-2 minutes. 
Step 1. Cut strips of fabric 2-3"X8-16". 
Your choice depending on area you want to apply it to. 
I chose the shorter ones because I will be giving them to a friend who has migraines. 
I made them the perfect size for the forehead.
 Step 2. With right sides facing together, 
stitch sides and bottom making sure to leave opening at the top. 
 Step 3. Snip corners and thread. 
 Step 4. Turn bags right way. 
Step 5. Pour rice into a bowl. Add all natural oil (just a drop or 3 not too much). 
Stir into rice thoroughly.
 Step 6. Funnel rice into bags. (I use a sheet of paper as a funnel). 
Step 7. Stitch ends closed. 
These make wonderful gifts but you cannot wash them.

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