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Friday, June 29, 2012

6x6 Brown Bag Card Holder by Karen

Hi there! It's Karen here, with a 6x6 brown bag card holder decorated with a few  Silhouette dies designed by Samantha!

This is a quick and fun way to dress up that brown bag with dies and it's a unique way to present a handmade card that you make as well!  I think a sweet Silhouette card designed by Samantha would be great...maybe 5x5 size!!  So, let's begin...

1. Take a brown lunch bag and it cut down to size.  For today's card holder, I decided to measure mine to 6" wide by 7" tall.  Then, I folded the top 1" down and creased.  Final size ix 6x6!!

2. Using your Silhouette Die Cutting Machine, cut these files from card stock:

    * Chevron Heart

3. Now the fun part...assemble the flower and add a few little rhinestones to the center.  Next, adhere the heart down and place/adhere the flower right on top as shown.  

4. Take the pinked edge strips, cut down to size and adhere to the bag as shown.  I also added a few more sparkly rhinestones to the pinked edges for a little more sparkle.

5. On the top left side, I hole punched to circles out and ran the crinkly ribbon right through and tied a not.  That will secure it all together (but, don't forget to add your card before you tie the ribbon)!!

That wraps it up!  I kept the design pretty simple so that gorgeous gardenia would be highlighted and what a great to showcase it with the chevron heart behind it!  Hope you've enjoyed!  Until next time!!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Samantha's Silhouette die cutting files in the Silhouette on-line store because there are new files being added all the time!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I really like this and how you used the bag! Very nice~

  2. This is beautiful Karen!

  3. That's awesome!!! What a fabulous idea for packaging up a dimensional card. Love it!!

  4. I love this! So simple and so gorgeous!

  5. Yes, I agree, simple, pretty, classic gardenia. Nice!


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