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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Team Spotlight: Guiseppa Gubler

I get to highlight Guiseppa this month!  Guiseppa is freaky talented with her innovative ideas and creativity and is certainly a joy to have as part of my creative team. She is a paper crafter at heart, but also loves to dabble with fabric and other dimensional crafts. I interviewed Guiseppa and this is what she said:

Q.  What is your favorite Technique?
A.  Well...if you can call it a technique I guess it would be using pop dots.  I love adding dimension to my projects.  I go through so many pop dots...I should have taken stock in them.  If you look closely at some of the projects I have done here, you will see the dimension.

Guiseppa used Creative Imaginations "Real Wood" (a wood laminated paper product) as her  base for this layout. Love how the wood works with her daughter's hair and the grass in the background. Her title and various shapes are Samantha Walker die cuts for the Silhouette machine.
Q.  Where did you learn to design?
A.  Well, it wasn't something I learned in school..LOL!  I stared scrapbooking 16 years ago and I haven't stopped.  I guess I am self taught.  I just got better and better at the craft year after year.  I taught myself by just trying new techniques and styles.  I guess if you spend most of your days scrapbooking then you get pretty good at least I hope!  Hehe!

For this layout Guiseppa created the birdcage with Samantha Walker digital dies as well as other designer dies for Silhouette. The heart swirls are designed by Rivka Wilkins for Silhouette. I love that Guiseppa created a page about often, that is who we scrapbook about the least, and it is wonderful when crafters take a moment to document their own personalities and life happenings.

Q.  What influence your design choices?
A.  Well, I love looking at the new trends and I am always wanting to try them out.  I think I just take the trends and make them my own.  I get a lot of scrappy inspiration from online and scrapbooking magazines.

The cowboy hat is a Samantha Walker digital die for Silhouette. Love the various textures on this layout!

Q.  Who are your artsy inspirations?
A.  I love Danielle Flanders, Christine Middlecamp and Leena Loh...just to name a few.  I do have to say the the lovely Samantha Walker has become a real inspiration to me! (I'm blushing, Guiseppa, that is sweet of you to say so...I promise that I didn't ask this question to fish for that answer.)  She always coming up with fun, new and exciting products for us girls to get our craft on with.  I was just going through some of my Silhouette files, and yes, most of them are Samantha Walker's designs.  Being on this design team has really helped me to broaden my crafty horizon and try new things that I have never done before and I credit that to Samantha Walker.
The hearts and scallops are Samantha Walker digital dies for Silhouette. Love the dangly button and bow idea...see, she's clever!
Q.  What do you enjoy doing besides crafting?
A.  I love the outdoors!  You can often find our family up in the mountains with our trailer, fishing poles and 4 wheeler, ready for the outdoorsy experience.  We spent much of our summer camping, hiking, fishing and 4 wheeling.  I also enjoy exercising.  Since I have lost over 50 pounds exercising has become part of my life.  I recently have taken up Zumba.  This is a real fun way to get my dance on...which I really miss, one of my other loves in life!  Yes, I do love to dance and you can often find me in my scrapbook room listening to music and when a fun beat comes on I don't hesitate to dance!

The "little birdie" title is a Samantha Walker die for the Silhouette machine. She also used Lori Whitlock digital dies also for the Silhouette machine. Check out Lori's dies...she is fantastic!

 The fleur de lis is a Samantha Walker digital die for the Silhouette machine. Check out Guiseppa's paper roses with bead pretty!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Guiseppa better. She's a blogger! You can follow her here. 



  1. much gorgeous eye candy in one post!!!! Guiseppa, I adore everything you make and these are all just amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks...this was so sweet of you!

  3. So glad I'm not the only one with a pop dot addiction! Guiseppa, your projects are lovely. And having met you in person, I can say that you are just as lovely as they are. :)

  4. Gosh, Seppa these are all just gorgeous!!! I too just LOVE all you make. Everything is always so beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous work Guiseppa - love it all!!!

  6. I love to see this story, but I also need help to make the retro Thuderbird car after cutting it with my Silhouette. Is ther Anyone who can thel me how to make the car??????

  7. Everything looks awesome, Guiseppa! I especially love how you used the "Real Wood" on your layout - Gorgeous!!!


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