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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soldier Boy Collection

I have a rambunctious 6 year old boy with a WILD imagination. He can play by himself for hours (not exaggerating), and pretend that there are several people involved in his make-believe play. Since he could walk, one of his favorite things to play is "armies." Often my living room is transformed into a battlefield, where the space between the couch and the ottoman become the trenches, and cushions are used to make bases. The sounds, the actions, and the stories that he plays are very lively to say the least. After watching my son play these games, I realized that I needed a line of product to truly encapsulate his make believe play. And so..."Soldier Boy" was born. This line is a direct inspiration from my son who loves play "army," and my husband who served in the army. It is my hope that this line will be used to showcase your rambunctious boys, or as a backdrop for your military themed pages. Enjoy!

The awesome army man box project was created by the ever talented Cheryl Mezzetti.


  1. My Mr 5 beleives he is the army LOL. What a cool line!

  2. FIANCE is in the army (and he is 6 at heart)... where can I find this awesome soldier boy stuff?! We are in Provo until we get military orders, and I am a scrapbooking fanatic. I highly enjoyed stumbling upon your creative page. :)


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