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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silhouette Tutorial Creating a Circle Interactive Card

This tutorial is a follow up on the interactive card tutorial I offered last week. This one is a tiny bit more complicated, but still pretty simple. I will likely have other circle interactive cards to share with you, and this tutorial will work for all cards of that style. The graphic that goes around may be different, but the assembly is virtually the same. 

For this project you will need this Equipment:
A Silhouette Electronic Cutting machine. This file works great with both the Silhouette Cameo and the Silhouette Portrait cutting machines.
For those of you who are new to my blog, and may not have heard about the Silhouette electronic cutting machine(the machine I used to cut this file out,) I put together a product review at this link. You can read other's reviews of the machine here. This machine will change the way you craft! 

You will also need this Silhouette File:
a2 interactive hot air balloon card

Related files:
a2 interactive bike race card
a2 card set interactive moving bicycle
a2 interactive carousel card
tutorial for these files can be found here. for the project instructions...

First, cut all the parts with your silhouette machine. You will need to ungroup the file and arrange different cutting passes in your selected card stock, or do one cutting pass by arranging several colors of card stock on your cutting mat according to how it is laid out on the screen. See how to do that in this tutorial here.

Fold the card in half.

Take the liner piece (the one that is 4.25X5.5 and not folded) and insert it into the card. Do not glue it at this point.

Take your circle piece, then put glue only in the center, making sure to leave all the edges free of glue.

Center the circle in the larger circle of the folded card, and glue onto the liner piece.

Assemble your balloon as shown.

Insert a brad through the balloon where the tiny hole has been cut. Then find the little circle disk with the hole in it. Insert your brad through the disk and butterfly the clasp. Some people are bending this too tight making it harder to move your interactive card. You can avoid trouble if you fold this a little looser leaving a card stock thin gap before folding the clasps out.

Take your balloon and brad assembly, and slide it onto the circle of the card front, then slide the other side of the disk under the circle of the insert piece.

After the balloon has been set in place, then glue the insert to the front of the card. You need not glue all 4 sides of the insert piece to the front of the card, just 3. The top, the bottom, and the leading edge of the card.  Trying to glue the 4th side (where the fold line is) may be difficult anyway, once your balloon is placed.

Now add your cloud pieces. You will notice that each cloud has been split so that one part of the cloud will go on the inside of the circle and the other part will go on the outside. Try to line them up the best that you can.

I'd love to see your versions of this card! So please feel free to share on my Facebook page at:

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