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Limited Commercial User License

How do you know if you need a commercial license? If you are a crafter and you sell cards, party favor boxes, or any other hand crafted items that you personally cut on a cutting need a commercial license. However, if you are cutting the files you purchase for personal use, or gifts with no monetary exchange, you do not need a commercial license.
If you have already purchased a Samantha Walker file at the Silhouette Online Store... then you can purchase the Commercial Use License here. Just add the correct license option to your cart and go through the checkout process. 
If you would like to purchase the license for multiple shapes... YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A SEPARATE LICENSE FOR EACH SHAPE. (a shape is defined as one download from the silhouette store…some downloads have a few shapes included in the .99 price.)
At check out, simple follow the process. Remember you will need a commercial license for EACH individual shape you intend to use in projects for sale.  There will be a point at purchase to list each shape you're purchasing the Commercial Usage License to at checkout. 

Note: Under NO circumstances may you sell the actual digital cutting files, just your hand crafted creations. This license is not intended for use in commercially manufactured goods such as fabric, paper, posters, prints, and other commercially manufactured or printed goods. This license does not allow the user to use or manipulate the designs for use in other digital kits for sale. This is a limited commercial license for the individual crafter to use the designs in handmade projects for sale.

For example, if you plan to produce 35 scrapbook page kits using a shape from the Silhouette Online Store, you will need to purchase the commercial license allowing 1-50 units. If you plan to cut vinyl wall art for your customers and plan to produce 150 units, you will need to purchase the license that allows 51-200 units.

Note: This will not include the Silhouette file, you are 
only purchasing the Limited Commercial User License.

For detailed instruction for this form, click HERE

Your First and Last Name
Design id #

Please keep your electronic receipt from PayPal as this will become your proof of purchase.  If you are selling items online using Samantha Walker designs, you will need to display your paypal transaction number on each listing.  You can obtain this transaction number from your electronic receipt. For detailed instruction, click HERE.

This license is for Silhouette.  If you are interested in a Limited Commercial User License for kits or if you have any questions or issues, please send an email to
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