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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chat Tonight!

I've been working like one of Santa's Elves for two weeks straight--pulling late nights and early mornings to meet my deadlines...and I can finally say...I DID IT! To celebrate completing everything on time...I am going to reward myself with a chat tonight (9:00 est) at I am excited to do this chat, as I will be able to truly relax and enjoy myself without the weight of looming deadlines. It may get kind of crazy, due to lack of sleep on my never know what I might say. I hope you can come and join us!

So what have I been working on? The question should actually be posed...what haven't I been working on. My goodness...I've been working on finalizing two new lines for CHA winter 2009...working out a few details on CHA summer releases, and working on fun projects with my lines from CHA winter 2008. It's interesting to work 3 seasons simultaneously in different stages. Since I can't show you what I've been working on for CHA winter 09...and it's just slightly too early for showing you peeks on CHA summer 08....I want to share with you a few projects that I've been working on with my CHA winter 08 releases.
This is a sneak peek of recipe box that I created with Sam's Kitchen line from Creative Imaginations. I will be teaching at Scrapfest in will have to come take the class to see all the recipe indexes. The best part of this that you will be able to customize your recipe box with your recipes when you get home.

I also wanted to share one of the make and takes I will be doing for CHA summer with my Seashore and Holey Cardstock collection. I got a little crazy when creating this make and take...we will only be creating one postcard for the make and take...but I wanted you to see how much fun a collection of postcards could be and how cute they would look gathered together in a mailbox. I haven't finished them yet...I want to add a photo to the front and journaling (in letter style) on the back like I did for my postcards to Sydney album that is archived on the CK website. (can't find the link.) Anyway...I thought these would be cute for people to decorate themselves to start an album...or they could use them as greeting cards...or even string several together to make a decorative 4th of July banner.

If you are going to CHA... I hope you get a chance to stop by the CI booth to come do a make and take with me. If not...encourage your scrapbook store to buy my Seashore line, so you can create this little postcard album at home. (Not so subtle plug...wink wink.)
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