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Digital Kits Terms of Use

Samantha Walker Designs
Digital Crafting Kits TERMS OF USE
All images are Copyright of Samantha Walker Designs
All Rights Reserved 
Welcome and Thank You:
I’m so glad you enjoy my products, and thank you for purchasing them! I hope to continue to serve you in high quality and innovative digital products for your crafting and scrapbooking needs. It is because of you, that I am able to live my dream in seeing the joy others receive as they use my designs in their personal crafts. Thank You!

Knowledge is power (ignorance to terms is not tolerated):
Please read this full TOU before you engage in using any of my digital products. This will protect you as a user by giving you the information you need on how you can use my designs; and protection for me and my future ability to provide high quality products to my customers in many facets of the craft industry including digital design, as well as many other industries where my designs are currently being licensed including but not limited to the fabric industry, home decor, greeting card and so forth.
TOU modifications:
Samantha Walker Designs retains and reserves the right to modify, update and change the Terms of Use for all digital designs at anytime with or without notice. It is your responsibility to check for updates and changes to the Terms of Use. 
Designs and Credits:
All of the designs in this file have been created by Samantha Walker Designs and should be credited as such. I do not use clip art, so every element within my papers is started with small elements created by me...(with the exception of commercial use fonts which may be used to create some of my elements with words.) 

ANY COMMERCIAL USE is NOT ALLOWED under a personal user license purchase. That means you may not use my digital kits to make projects for resale, or service “scrap for hire” clients. Please purchase a Limited Commercial Use License.  Terms of that license are outlined in this document below the personal user license agreement. 
Definition of Personal User License:
You have not purchased the actual designs in this file, rather you have purchased a license to use the contents of this file for personal use as described in this user agreement. By using these digital designs, you have agreed abide by the terms in this agreement.
• You may not resell this product in whole, or in part or alter or use it to create commercial use items, including crafts created by you for sale on auction sites, craft fairs or boutiques. 
You may not share or redistribute the kit in whole or in part, even to your friends and family. 
  • You may modify my work for your own personal use in order to fit the needs of your craft project.
  • You may not modify my work as a basis for ANY product to be used commercially, or for monetary gain.
You may not use my work, freebies or not, to make another freebie or commercial products. 
  • You may not use any of my work for obscene, defamatory or immoral purposes. 
  • You may Use portions of these kits in your layouts that will be submitted to digital scrapbooking sites online or submitted to Scrapbooking, craft and/or related magazines for publication. If you use one of my designs, kits or elements in a project for the purpose of craft publication (digital or print), you are required to credit the use of my designs preferably as: Samantha Walker Designs Digital. (This includes any graphics that you have altered...please credit Samantha Walker Designs as the originator of your altered design.) I encourage magazine project submissions, and love to hear about your success with my product, so please notify me so I can celebrate your success with you and watch for your project in publication. 
Online Social Media Publication, and personal blog design:
  • If you use one of my designs, kits or elements in a project that you share on your own personal blog, or social media site, credit is not required, but is highly appreciated and encouraged. If you do not credit SW designs in your project posted online, please do not represent yourself as the designer of the kit, element, or paper that you used to create that project. 
Altered Graphics:
You may alter any SWD graphics (for personal use only) with respect to color, size or by adding to or removing from them.
  • You may NOT claim these graphics as your own (altered / recolor graphics as much as the original ones). 
Forbidden Uses:
- You may NOT Create from SW Designs any kind of templates, quick pages, sketches, textures packs, alpha sets, brushes, doodles or cutouts to give or to sell is prohibited. 
- You may not redistribute, loan, share my kits/papers/elements in any way. 
- You may not print out my kits/papers/elements and sell them in a store or online (including eBay). Selling my kits/papers/elements is strictly prohibited.
  • You may not sell your projects created with my designs (please see extended license purchase option for limited commercial use.)
  • You may not give your projects created with my designs in large quantities or donations in the excess of 100. Any recipients of these gifts may not sell the items that my designs appear on.  
  • You may not share my digital products with your family and friends. You purchased an individual user license for your own crafting enjoyment. If they are interested in crafting with my digital kits, please, direct them to my store link.
  • ANY commercial use is prohibited under the terms of a personal user license, please see the extended license option below.
Extended License purchase option for LIMITED COMMERCIAL USE (A Separate purchase of a commercial user license is required to add any of these additional terms.  If you have not purchased a commercial user license, you do not have rights to these additional terms.)
This is a LIMITED COMMERCIAL USER LICENSE in order to protect you and myself in regards to the other industries where I license my designs, as some of those licenses are exclusive and may not be overlapped with similar product. If these terms do not work for your commercial use needs, please contact me for the possibility of arranging an individualized commercial license to suit your purposes.
PROFESSIONAL INDIVIDUAL CRAFTERS USE (such as crafts created for resale in seasonal boutiques, craft fairs and online craft venues such as etsy.) This is limited to one user, you may not provide employees with my digital kits for purposes in creating crafts for resale. You may not create with the same design in quantities in the excess of 100, an additional license is required.
This limited commercial use license also allows an individual to do limited “SCRAP FOR HIRE.” This is limited to one user, you may not provide employees with my digital kits in a large scale scrap for hire business. You may not create with the same design in quantities in the excess of 100, an additional license is required. 
Crediting Designs:
-You don’t have to give me credit but I appreciate it highly and encourage it. However, under no circumstance, may you claim to be the designer of the elements used within your craft project, or scrap for hire project for resale.
- Do NOT make freebies with the designs in this file
- Do NOT use SW Designs to make other digital products for sale 
- Do NOT make brushes, shapes etc from SW Designs in products for resale 
  • DO NOT use for other commercial purposes that are not outlined in this agreement without contacting me first.
•YOU MAY create layouts or other craft items for individual clients to be delivered to the client in printed or flattened .jpg form under the terms of the extended license purchase for commercial use. 
•YOU MAY NOT use my designs or name to advertise your business in online marketing. 
•YOU MAY NOT use my designs to create quick pages for sale at any online store, blog, or auction sites. 
•YOU MAY NOT use my items for the purpose of web design or web templates, eBay product pages or eBay about me pages, or cards without permission. 
If you are interested in any other use that has not been described in this agreement, please contact me on an individual basis to discuss the proper licensing, or permission. 
In regards to all agreements (commercial or personal):
Zero Liability:
I am not responsible to any person, organization or business for any loss and/or damages incurred from the use of these products. 
When linking my designs, please do not give the direct download link, rather give the link to my blog or store. 
Please give the credits when you use and show my design on your sites. 
Your Creations:
I LOVE to see what you've done with my stuff, you can share your projects on my facebook design updates page at:
Questions and Comments:
For any question about this TOU or my work please contact me at: 

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