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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Magpie Lace Card Instructions

Look what I just uploaded to both the Silhouette Design store and to

This A2 sized Magpie Lace card is so versatile, it can go from being a Halloween card, to being a Thank You card, or fancy party invitation.

It's super simple to make. It's just two pieces of paper, and lots of intricate cut work. The card fits in an A2 envelope.You will need a cutting machine to cut the file like the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut Explore. 

You can get it at in SVG format at this link.
Or you can get it from the Silhouette Online store at this link.

The download includes two additional versions of the that is simplified, and one that is even more simplified...take a look at the variations below:Magpie-card-SVG-file
The card above is the most simple of the three versions and has several of the smaller wing feathers removed. The magpie card below still has most of the wing feathers but some have been enlarged.Magpie-card2-SVG-file
1 sheet Navy Cardstock
1 sheet of Vellum (or other contrasting card stock or specialty paper.)Folding-A2-card-3
Choose wether you want to use the original magpie lace card file. Some people may not have a sharp blade in their machine...if that is you...choose the MOST SIMPLE version. If you are using a new blade, and feel confident, go ahead and use the original file. You may want to refer to this blogpost here regarding detailed cuts.

Once you make that selection, cut out the two pieces. Folding-A2-card-2
Now use a good paper glue like Tombow Mono and glue all the way around the back side of the card front. Add additional glue in the center of the bird, and any other areas that you may want to tack down.
  Folding-A2-card-5Carefully place the velum so that it lines up with the corners, then press it onto the glued side of the card.
Once the glue is dry, fold the card, using a straight edge as a guide. Line up the straight edge with your dashed score or cut lines, then fold the back side toward the front. Then crease.

If you are a Cricut Explore Design Space user, you might find the following instructions helpful: magpie-SVG-card-instructions4
First ungroup the file. Then you will need to convert your dashed cut lines to score lines. magpie-SVG-card-instructions5
Next attach your score line to the card layer below so they cut/score on the same mat. magpie-SVG-card-instructions7
Select the "go" button, and your Design Space software will show you that you have two cutting mats for this project...the blue card stock mat (make sure you see your score and cut lines on this layer) and your velum mat. You could use a contrasting card stock if you wish instead.

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