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Friday, March 27, 2015

Now for some Smoking Fun!

My husband called me from Costco a few weeks ago and said, "I think I'm buying a smoker."

That's not usually how the conversation goes when you send your hubby on a grocery run. When he called, I was expecting him to ask me if I needed anything like milk, bread or eggs...not a smoker.

However, the idea intrigued me tremendously--though it most certainly had not been on the shopping list...but I do admit, the idea was at least 1000 times more glamorous.
Can you hear the angels singing a high pitched...Ahhhhh! Hallelujah!

I can hardly blame my husband, as he had been tackled by the Traeger rep there; who sweet-talked him into buying a pellet grill/smoker. Jonathan called home to just "run it by me" first...Truthfully, I think he had it half-loaded into the Jeep at the point when he had an "oh crap" moment, that he should probably get my approval first.

Well...I appreciated that...but...I paused...

You see, his timing couldn't have been better for me to side with his case. We had just been invited over to a neighbors home a few Sundays prior to eat dinner with them. (Thank you Andersen's...we loved it!!! We need to have you over next time!) They had smoked some pork and it was amazing! ( I drool just thinking about it.) The meat was juicy beyond compare, and had a deep rustic smokiness about it that I had only come to know from places like "Famous Dave's" and "Dicky's BBQ" or the BBQ truck on the street. I think I complimented them on the meat at least 10 times throughout the meal, and made a pig of myself. My behavior was slightly embarrassing, now that I think about it.

I realized that the smokey flavor that the neighbors had achieved with their meat was within my reach because my husband was about to bring one home in his Jeep. So without really thinking too much, and only letting my emotions take over, I said, "Sure, we should get one."

Do know, I backed up that thought with ones of justification, since our current BBQ had blown over in the wind one too many times last year, and was on it's last leg--literally, standing sadly crooked in the yard. Thank you winds of North Lehi, you sure are kind to blow us over each Spring.

After he got his Traeger home, he then started researching smokers. He actually decided to return the Traeger (which is a great smoker) and go for a Yoder Smoker instead. Now that's how we usually shop...comparing products, reviews, and then coming to a sensible decision. We just put the horse before the cart a little bit. Oooops...smiling awkwardly, with a shoulder shrug.

Little did I know that the word, "sure"...would turn my husband and I onto a new hobby in a big way.  The meat that I craved fort-nightly, was about to become somewhat of a regular, on our dinner menu.

Since bringing this big thing home, he's been cooking up a storm, and watching youtube videos to get him started on methods and seasonings. Here's a link to his new favorite "TV channel" featuring Malcom Reed:

We've truly been spoiled by smoked hole chicken, beef ribs, italian sausages, pork loin roast, shredded pork butt roast, more beef ribs (because they are amazing), and tri-tip thrice. Best part, I haven't had to think what's for dinner in a loooong time, as it's already been cooking in the yard for half the day thanks to my hubby. I can make a mean potato salad and mighty tangy coleslaw.

But then I realized...he's been hogging the smoker.

I haven't had a turn yet.

Independent as I am, I didn't want him to tell me how to do it. I wanted to discover my own way of using it. So I broke my smoker virginity on March 17th and decided to toss on a corned beef roast, potato wedges, Apples and Cabbage.

Could I find a recipe for it online? No. Did I want one...not necessarily, though I wouldn't have minded some pictures to give me some ideas.

I can't say I know if people smoke a corned beef, but that is what I happened to have. I also knew that no one would appreciate me cooking cabbage it all went outside--all stinky cabbage smells masked by hickory smoke.

Excuse the cellphone photos...they are a little blown out and the corned beef looks blurry. It doesn't look too appetizing in this photo...but trust was delish.

In the sure tasted good. However, Jonathan wasn't home to enjoy it, and the kids haven't acquired a taste for corned beef yet.

Long of the short of it...I loved my St. Patty's meal. My kids would have preferred Lucky Charms.
You know...because they are magically delicious.

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