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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Title Tutorial with Guiseppa

Hello again!  Guiseppa here with my final tutorial and project for Samantha Walker's Creative Crafter's Team.  I just have to say, my experience on this team has been amazing.  I have learned so much and made many friends along the way.  Samantha is one talented lady and you will need to keep an eye on what she has going on!  Thanks Samantha for having me for four wonderful  and creative years!  I'm going to show you how to make this title.  Let's start!

Pull up your 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' in your Silhouette Software.  This shape has an advent calender that comes with it.  I'm going to use the title part of it.  Highlight the title, right click and select Ungroup.

Now, remove the top and bottom pieces of the title by highlighting them and clicking delete on your keyboard.  This is what you should be left with.

Decide where on your layout you want the title and move it around.  You can also resize it to be smaller, but I wanted mine to be this size.  I decided I wanted the 'Santa Claus' part of my title to be sketched out using Silhouette's Sketch Pens (white).  So, first remove 'is coming to town', open up the Sketch Window and click on Cross Hatch.  You can now see how my 'Santa Claus' has changed.  

I want my cross hatched smaller, so go to Advance Options, then spacing and then move your spacing all the way to the left.  Notice how the crosses in the 'Santa Claus'are now smaller?  

Pick the color of pen you want to use.  I used white on the black cardstock because I love how it looks.  To sketch, just go into the Cut Setting, pick Silhouette Sketch Pen and send it to your Silhouette.

When it's done sketching, leave it in your Silhouette.  Do not remove it.  

Go back into your Silhouette Software and add your 'is coming to town' part of the title.

Now, you need to remove the 'Santa Claus' part of the title.  Your page should look like this right now.

Let's finish and cut out the 'is coming to town'.  Go back into your Cut Settings and select the material type you are using.  I am using cardstock, so I selected Textured Cardstock.  Make sure you take your pen out and put in your blade.  Now, you can see the look I was going for.  

Here are some close ups of my layout!

I also used Samantha's Keepin' Cozy Collection from Echo Park.

To get the wood look in my title, I adhered some wood veneer paper to the back of the black cardstock.

Thanks for stopping and for all of your support and sweet comments over the past four years!  Happy crafting and cutting!

Need this file in a SVG format?
You can find it HERE over at!

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