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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky Doily Banner by Guiseppa!

Good Tuesday Morning!  Guiseppa here and I am so excited to share with you the cute and fast Halloween banner I made using some of Samantha's Silhouette Designs.

If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do your holiday crafts, yep, it's the last minute! Lucky for you this is so easy to do!  Let's start!

Start off by choosing your Samantha Walker doily design in the Silhouette Store.  Samantha has a lot of doily designs, so you will have a lot to pick from.  I picked the 12 inch Doily Sets.

I didn't want all of the layers, so to get rid of those, right click on the image and select Ungroup. Now, you can remove all of the layers.

Now I have my doily how I want it.

Next I want my doily smaller.  So, highlight the doily and select the Open Scale Window.  Click on the Lock Aspect button to change the size.  Then adjust the width and height and click apply.  I sized mine down to 5 x 5 inches.

For my banner, I'm going to cut our five of these doilies.  So, I simply copied and pasted them to make five.  I couldn't get all five on one page, so I had to cut the fifth one out on another piece of paper.  Go ahead and cut all of your doilies out.  These are mine.

For the next part of our Spooky Banner, we are going to cut out six pennants.  I used Samantha's Frosted Tree Shape to make my pennants for the banner.

I want to use only one of these tree pieces and they were the perfect shape for pennants.  So, like I did with the doily, I Ungrouped the shape and just left the one I wanted to use.  This size was perfect, so I didn't have to resize it.  I wanted six of these, so again, I copied and pasted and fit six on my page.  I then cut them out.

Here are my pennants.

Next for our 'Spooky' title.  For this, I used Samantha's SW Spook 31 Apha Set.  In your Silhouette Software, click on the Text button on the far left hand side.  Find Samantha's 'SW Spook 31' in your fonts.  Type out the word 'Spooky'.

Now, we want the title letters to fit inside the pennants.  Drag one of ;your pennants back onto the page.  Click on the 'Spooky' word and Ungroup it like you did with the other designs we previously used.  Now, each letter of the word 'Spooky' is separated.  Highlight the whole word and make it larger by dragging the the squares in the corners of the word.  Pull the whole title over to the pennant and see how large you want your letters to be.  Mess around with it a bit until you have decided your desired size.  As you can see, I like this size.  My whole title ends up being 3.381 x 9.694 inches.

As you can tell, the 'K' and the 'Y' are touching.  I don't want them to touch or it will mess up the the cut.  So, I am going to separate them a little and the then cut them out.  I can do this because I already Ungrouped the title.  Now, the 'K and the 'Y' are not longer touching and it's ready to be cut out.

Let's assemble!  Alternate the pennant and doily.  Start with the pennant, adhering your 'S' to the first pennant. Next, score your doily down the center evenly.

After you have adhered your title letters and scored your doilies, start attaching them to your ribbon. I glued my ribbon the back of the pennants.  When attaching the doilies, fold your score line in half and insert the ribbon inside.  Then glue it together, making a half doily.  Do this with all of your pennants.

I wanted to dress up my banner a little more so I cut out Samantha's Halloween Washi Tape Words, October and Flower.  I adhered them to my banner as you can see!

I love the fact that I could create a cute Halloween banner, all from Samantha's designs!  I hope I have inspired you to jump on that last minute Halloween craft.  Check out Samantha's Silhouette Portfolio to see all of her amazing and fun designs!

Samantha's Silhouette Designs Used:

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