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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Grain sack" throw pillow by Nicole

I hope no one is getting tired of my home decor projects.  Since moving in May, I've really gone overboard to make our new place ours.  My kick right now has been drop cloth projects.  I've redone the chair in our living room with a new slipcover and have moved onto covering some thrifted throw pillows.  The pillow in this post is inspired by old grain sacks.  Grain sacks can be hard to find at a descent price and so I created the same look using drop cloth and paint.

I started with an old throw pillow I picked up at the thrift store for $3.  I washed and dried it before starting. I decided on an envelope cover, meaning the back  material overlaps and can be easily removed for washing.  I cut a length of my drop cloth material by laying my pillow on top and  folded over the material allowing for seam allowance on each side.  

Pin material on top and bottom.    

Here is where the material will overlap and those bottom sides will be pinned and sewn shut.  

I marked the overlap with a pencil so after removing the pillow I would know how far over the flap fell.  

I then removed the pillow and sewed up both sides of my pillow cover with a simple straight stitch on the sewing machine.  Here is my finished cover as I slipped it onto my pillow.
A look at the back.

Now for the finishing touches.  I started with this cut file of Samantha's.

I cut the design out in vinyl and transferred the design using transfer tape onto the front middle of my pillow.  
You'll want to insert a piece of cardboard at this point to avoid paint bleeding through.    

I then roughly dabbed onto the top of the vinyl with black acrylic paint.  I wanted a rough distressed look so I made some of the areas darker with more paint and used less in other areas.  

I finished off my pillow with the grain sack lines.  I used my trusty t-square and a pencil to rough out some lines.  I then used washi tape along the pencil lines to make them nice and straight.  You could use any masking/painters tape you have handy.  I have an abundant amount of washi tape I didn't mind using.  ;) 

My finished pillow!

I'm in the middle of working on some drapes for the kitchen and bathroom using the same techniques.  I'll be posting these along with other drop cloth projects on my blog.  
Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy Crafting, Nicole

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