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Saturday, August 02, 2014

No Soliciting Sign by Nicole

The doorbell rang.  On my front porch was a young man and before he even opened his mouth I knew he was going to try and sale me something.  This is the third one in the last few weeks.  As I kindly tried to tell him I wasn't interested and shut the door, he mumbled something under his breath.  That was the last straw.

The next day I got to work on a no soliciting sign using 
Samantha's super cute build your own no soliciting sign.  

I started with this board I have had for quite awhile that I never put to use for a different project.  I applied two coats using some left over paint from our bedroom - Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.  

Once dry I used some sandpaper on the edges.  I didn't go crazy with the distressing, just a bit around the edges and corners.  

I opened the file in the Silhouette program and ungrouped the files to get the arrangement I wanted.  

I then filled the different elements with the paint bucket with the colors I had planned to use.  I like to do this so it's easier to select the different elements in the cut styles menu.  

My board top is roughly 12"x 5".  I stretched the design a little width wise to fit my board better.   
I also added two small squares on the top of each corner and cut these out with each color of vinyl.  I used these squares when laying the vinyl to help line up the layers easier.  

I used clear contact paper in place of transfer tape.  It makes it easier when trying to lay the squares on top of each other.      

Here are all three layers together.  

I then placed it on my board and burnished the top with a bone folder.  

I decided to add this to my flower plant in front and after looking around found a couple of small dowels.  I painted and hot glued them to each other and then to the back of my sign.  

Here is a look at my finished sign in my flower pot.  I love the classy look of the sign and hope it keeps the unwanted sales people away.  

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Happy Crafting, Nicole

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