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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Silhouette May Specialty Media Promotion + One Buck Wednesday!

Today we are introducing a new Silhouette Promotion 
featuring the Specialty Media from Silhouette!  
Just check out these amazing deals... 
Now through the end of the month you can get the following deals
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CAMEO Bundle
Silhouette CAMEO 
1 Printable Cotton Canvas
1 Vellum
1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
1 Stencil Material 
MSRP: $340.94
Sale: $269.99

Portrait Bundle
Silhouette Portrait
1 Printable Cotton Canvas
1 Vellum
1 Adhesive Washi Sheets
1 Printable Adhesive Kraft Paper
1 Stencil Material 
MSRP: $220.94
Sale: $139.99

All Specialty Media 25% off 

Hi guys!  Jamie here today to share a fun project 
using my Cameo to create a fun box for Dad!

I am using the Silhouette Printable Silver Foil, Samantha's 'dad quote' vinyl word art, her Ornate Square Frame cut and her bag winter lace (with the details removed).

Here's the tutorial:
1.  Bring in the 'dad quote' vinyl word art and ungroup the words.  Fill each line using the "fill color" tool in studio.  I brought in a screen print from the Silhouette store so that I could use the colors Samantha used to create hers.  There is a little tool (second from left on the top row of the fill color panel) that allows you to grab the colors.

2.  Remove your screen print item if you brought it in and then drag a large box around the words and group them all back together.

3.  Next bring in your Ornate Square Frame cut pieces.  Highlight the two detail cuts and remove them.  Size the remaining cut to fit around your Dad quote.

4.  Place the frame around your word art and center.  Next choose your printer paper size and set your registration marks on. Print on the silver foil.
5.  Place your foil on your mat and then highlight your word art piece and select "No Cut".  This will allow the outer edge of the label to cut but not the words. Cut the label out following the steps in your Silhouette Studio program.

6.Next create an offset path of the label.  Remove the word art then select the label.  Choose the offset icon and change the distance to 0.105 and click apply.

7.  Remove the original label shape, leaving just the offset shape.  Cut the offset shape in card stock.

 8.  Gather your offset shape and foil print.  Remove the adhesive back from the foil.
 9.  Adhere the foil on the offset shape, centering.
10. Cut out the bag winter lace (using the ungroup tool to remove the detail cut).  Fold on the score lines.
11. Assemble the bag.
12. Adhere the label on the front of the bag and tie twine to embellish.  Fill your bag with goodies for Dad!
I love how the foil looks with the printed colors, they really pop!

Today is also One Buck Wednesday 
and Wonderful Wednesday at

Today only, you can get the following kit 50% off:

Flower and Bird Masks Collection
you can get the following kit
There are 27 masks in this kit! You will receive two flower sets that can be layered, a flower border set, a layered bird, and a layered cloud. These masks are on their own "picking" sheet for easy use! These files are for personal use only and cannot be used commercially in any way (with the exception of use within craft projects for magazines, and crafts done for web publications-but please make sure to give credit.) This kit is for use in one household, not to be shared or distributed with friends and family.
Today only, you are able to grab this kit 50% off!

In this pack you will receive the entire Foundations collection...that's 3 kits! The Samantha Walker Foundations series is designed to be your perfect background for any girly project. They blend perfectly with so many different patterned papers and embellishments, that these will soon become essential favorites in your digital collection. This mega kit contains the Sherbet color way with 18 digital papers with melt in your mouth rainbow sherbet colors, 15 digital papers in the Gray Baby color way with soft pinks, grays, and yellows and 18 digital papers in the Cool color way with soft blues, purples, and greens. All Samantha Walker Kits are for personal usage only, unless user purchases a separate (limited) commercial license.
Today only, you are able to grab this kit for just $1.00! 

As always, these deals vanish Wednesday 
at midnight Eastern time so hurry to get yours!

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