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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using Digital Masks by Chrissy Guido

Hello! Happy weekend to you! Just a short and sweet tip on using some of the fabulous Cuts/Masks that Samantha has available. I love to use the svg cuts to create fun projects with my Silhouette but I also loving using them as masks in my digital projects. With out too much can take these masks and create really beautiful things! So first we start out by opening the svg/mask that we want to work with as well as some papers for our project.
Next, I separated the two border masks and selected the background mask. As simple as dragging and dropping, I selected a paper to mask with and dragged it from the project bin to the top of the background mask. I then click ctrl-G to clip the two together.
To merge the two together, go to Layer, then merge visible. If you just flatten the layers you will end up with the white background. Using the merge visible option keeps the background transparent.
Next, I select the butterfly mask and drag a patterned paper on top of it. Same step as above.
This time we are not going to merge visible. Once they are clipped together, you are going to select the eraser tool and erase the patterned paper off of all of the butterflies except one.
Follow this step, masking each of the butterflies with a different patterned paper and then erasing until all butterflies are covered with a different patterned paper. Make sure you have the correct layer selected before erasing. You can enlarge the images so you can see better to erase cleanly.
After you have erased all extra bits of paper, and are happy with your butterflies-go to Layers and merge visible.
Once you have merged visible, you can drag your butterfly mask down to the top of the background mask that we started with.
Lastly, merge these two layers together (Layers-Merge Visible) and use this cool image for your project.
So...see these cut/mask files have so many possibilities! Thanks for stopping by and let's see your projects!



  1. Thanks for this tut. I've occasionally played around with masks in the past but didn't really "get" them & pretty much only used them to add some nifty edging to a photo. I will definitely play around with them more after seeing this tutorial.

  2. Hi,
    What program are you working in please? I wish I could figure out how to do this in Photoshop! Do you have any suggestions?

  3. I appreciate any help you can give about Photoshop if you know how to make this work in it. Thank you!!

  4. I use both CS5 and PhotoShop Elements 10. The tutorial was done with PSE10. Hope that helps!

  5. I don't have Elements. Since you use CS5 too, could you maybe give me some terms I could look up in PS help? I really want to know how to attach a digital page (for the patterns & color) to a shape like you did with the butterflies. I can't find what that process is, or what it's called in Photoshop. I assume it is using layers, but how do you group or attach them so the digital printed "page" becomes the shape of the item (i.e. your butterflies)? Thank you so much for your kind help, and I know your answer will help others too.

  6. Would anyone following the blog be able to even just tell me what this process is called in Photoshop? I can find help files then. Thanks!!


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