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Friday, August 24, 2012

Notebook Tutorial by Guiseppa

Happy Friday everyone...Guiseppa here to share with you a fun little notebook I made for my daughter Janica, just in time for school.  I decide to make this for her to store her, fun memories, quotes, drawings, notes or anything personal she wants to keep in here and best of's girly!  So, let me quickly show you how to make's easy, don't worry.

First off, cut to squares 6x6, for your outside cover.  I chose 6x6 because that is the size I wanted to do, but you can make your notebook any size. 

Then you will want to decide on your papers and color scheme.  I chose some black and pink papers from Creative Imaginations, some black, gray and pink cardstock and Samantha's new collection from Carta Bella...Paris Girl!  I have about 18 6x6 pieces of paper in my notebook.

Next you will want to make your binding.  I made my notebook 6x6 so the measurements of binding are going to be 2 1/2x6.  Remember if you are making your notebook bigger or smaller you will need to change these measurements.  You will always keep the 2 1/2', but you will want to change the measurement for the length of the notebook.  Then, you will need to score it so it is easier to fold over the pages and cover etc.  To do this, score at 1' and then from the 1' score, score a 1/2'.  It is easy to see in this picture.

Now for the holes.  I placed my first hole 1/2' into the binding.  After that, a placed a hole every 1'.  When I was done I had a total of 6 holes.  Yours should look like this picture unless you are making a smaller or larger notebook, then you will have to change the measurements and amount of holes.

After punching holes in the binding, you will need to punch holes in your covers and inside papers.  Use the same measurements as you did to make the binding.

Let's put this thing together!  I used some black cord, but you can use twine, ribbon, yard...whatever you want to hold it together.  I used about 30 inches.  I started at the top of my notebook and slide the cord all the way through.  Now, make sure your cord is even so you have enough at the end to tie it off.  Next, I criss crossed the cord (make an x) and then slipped the cord through the hole of the opposite side.  Do this the whole way down and tie it in a bow or knot.

Now for the fun part...embellishing!  I used Samantha's Paris Girl 6x6 paper pad form Carta Bella, Samantha's French Frills die cuts from Spellbinders and a one of Samantha's cuts, 5 Shape Set, from Silhouette.

Now, you have a cute notebook!   Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  We would love to see your projects you create using Samantha Walker products...upload them Samantha Walker's Facebook Page!


  1. This is gorgeous. Love how you made this!

  2. 19 The binding on this is fantastic! Thanks for the easy to follow directions! I'll be making some of can count on it!

  3. amazing tutorial, Seppa! Love the creativity going on here!


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