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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Time to Reveal a BIG secret!

A few months ago I went to Spraguefest--a fabulous digital scrapbooking conference with fantastic digi classes and kindred spirits.  I wanted to meet the I was about to launch my digi store at their website.  While there...I had the fortunate experience of meeting Carina Gardner. I had wanted to meet her in person, as our paths had already crossed in the fabric world. (We both design for Riley Blake.)  However, as designers, with crazy schedules, we often only know each other by name. It is a rare and cherished moment if should meet a fellow designer in person.

Carina and I hit it off immediately! Here zest and enthusiasm for life and design was energizing to say the least. We talked about design, our families, our hopes and dreams. Also...a seed was planted that she was up to something and suggested that I consider joining her in this new venture.  Her energy, uber talent, and professionalism was enough to convince me that I should seriously consider this. Plus...she only lives 35 minutes from me...and there is nothing like collaborating with local people--I love face to face feedback, one designer to another.

So I started doing some designs under her design firm, as she formulated a plan of where we were going to place our designs. Carina had several ideas...then a great plan hatched. She met with Echo Park to see about collaborating with them...
and the idea for a sister company to born... 

Carina is the master mind behind the brand, and the art director (she has a fabulous eye.) I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be one of the product designers under this new brand...along with seasoned Deena Rutter (Riley Blake Fabric, MME), and debuting Melanie Ritchie. My line won't be revealed just yet...but very soon! (it ships on or about July 1st.) Keep checking back for updates...

For can visit the new website to get a flavor of what you might expect with this new company, Carina's new line, "Beautiful Moments" is up there for you to get a sneak preview.

It just went live:

You can read more about us here:

You can like our new Facebook page here:

Spread the you are one of the first to know!


  1. How exciting Samantha! I can't wait to see what beautiful things you have coming :-) Congrats on your new adventure...

  2. Super exciting news. Congrats to ya. Can't wait to see the new line of products. :)

  3. Congratulations and best wishes on your new venture!

  4. Congrats Samantha! Looking forward to seeing your designs!!! :)

  5. Samantha, I am SO TOTALLY excited for you!!!! This is just awesome!!!

  6. Congrats to you!!! How exciting~

  7. So excited for ya Samantha and huge congrats!! Can't wait to see all the new stuff!

  8. Anonymous9:36 AM MDT

    Samantha- CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your new collaborative work! I'm so, so happy for you!

  9. Just WONDERFUL NEWS Samantha, So exciting ...Huge Congrats hugs


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