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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creative Team Spotlight with Pinky + Wonderful Wednesday! May 21, 2012

Pinky (Cristal) Hobbs is our spotlight this month!  
This is the second year that I have had the privilege to have Cristal on my team. I love the quirky mix and match style that is all her own. Her love of crafting is evident in that she is willing to try anything! She has even ventured into digital with ease! I love seeing what Cristal creates as there is always some element of surprise.  

Pinky is using the new Tea Party collection for her beautiful card!

What is your favorite technique?
I can honestly say I don't have a favorite technique, I love experimenting, peeling cardboard, misting, working with acrylic, you name it I will try it, if I like it you will see it pop up in many projects!
I do love making wall hangings though~

Where did you learn to design?

I am definitely not a pro for sure, I am just a mom who needed a release of creative energy and found a passion for making things from the heart. For me it's not about design but about the love you share with your

hands and heart

What influences your design choices?

Well I think that life dictates my design choices, if I am happy and it's a happy project it is light and fun, if I feel emotion it tends to be bold and a little wild.  Also alot of nature and fabric, I see a design or color I like and it directly goes into my mind as an emotion and I create from that point. If I see an iced over railroad track I think of my journey in life and my mind instantly goes to an emotion, then I work from that point on.

I began crafting to work through my life's emotions and struggles, so it kind of all comes from that point for me.

Who are your artsy inspirations? 
Well I just don't know. I was never really in the craft world until the last few years and did not know any names. I am sort of a wing it gal, but meeting the most kind people at CHA like Eva Dobalis, and Karen Maldonado have really shown me the amazingly kind side of crafting. I think Guiseppa inspires me because of her kindness, and the rest of the SW team because they are so supportive. It makes me more creative to see the kindness in crafting.

What do you enjoy besides crafting?
I love baking, my boys little league goodness, keeping score for the games, organizing parties, raising my chickens, making strawberry jam, all that good average country living mom stuff.
I really enjoy working with children who have survived abuse, and speaking at local schools.
I love sewing pillowcases with my boys for the hospital, anything that brings a smile and just spending time with the family. We love hosting BUNCO and pancake feeds at our home. It's all about the family and living every moment.

They also asked me for a story so I will share my standard most embarrassing craft moment:
When I started scrapbooking I did not know one person who scrapbooked, I crafted completely on my own and only knew 4 people online who did it. I had no clue there was so many crafters to be honest.
So these 4 gals kept talking about rubons....I read it on the screen every day and I swear I thought it was pronounced "Rueben" like the name.

Well I needed to check out these "Ruebens"...they sounded so fun so I went to Michaels and asked where in the world were the scrapbook "Ruebens". The store attendant looked at me like I was a nut job!
She said "I don't think there is such a thing" I insisted that someone online told me about "Rueben" and I wanted to try them, they were made for scrapbooking. I left the store discouraged and decided that "Rueben" was not right for me, I didn't need them anyways, who cares....haha

A few months later I met some crafters in real life and decided to explain my dilemma...needless to say
laughter erupted and I learned it was RUB-ON not "Rueben".

Be sure to visit  Pinky (Cristal) Hobbs to see more of her fabulous work!


Today is also another Wonderful Wednesday at

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Digital Dies Floralicious!  
This kit contains a lovely collection of borders, leaves and flowers for use with digital die cutters. Each digital die comes in 3 different file formats for ease of use with most digital die cutters. There is a file that contains the dies in SVG, AIv8, and PNG file formats. These dies come as cut lines only, there are no print options for this kit. 

Project by Creative Team Member Guiseppa Gubler

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