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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Creative Team Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Welcome to the March Creative Team Blog Hop!  
We have wonderful things in store for you today. 

I thought I'd start with a tip for Silhouette users...
Have you ever wondered how to cut textured card stock like Bazzill?'re not alone...I've had to experiment with settings until I figured a few things out.  

First magical setting for Bazzill does not fit all. 

Your cut settings should be determined by your paper thickness and the detail within your design.  

For very simple designs...I'm finding that you can get a beautiful cut with your blade set on a depth of 4, speed of 3 and thickness set at 33.  

However, if you cut a detailed design such as the FREE SVG butterfly card that I'm giving away this month (details below), you should bump up your settings to a blade depth of 5, speed down to 2 and thickness at 33. Then you will also want to click on the "double cut setting" on the right of your cut settings screen.  

Silhouette Customer Service has recommended blade depth settings between 4-6 for Bazzill card stock. They also agree, that one setting, does not fit all situations. do you know whether to cut lighter or's a few trouble shooting signs to watch for.  

Problem: Paper cutting most of the design, but not quite all the way through...
Suggestion: make sure you have your "double cut" box checked (for detailed designs), or set your blade depth down one more level (for simpler designs.)

Problem: Paper cutting the design, but the corners of the design, where the blade turns, are "mucking up."
Suggestion: slow down your speed, change your blade depth to cut a little lighter (if it's on a 6 try a 4 or 5) Then make sure double cut is checked to ensure a complete cut through.  When your corners start messing up with the paper pushing up, that means that the blade is pushing too hard for the details in the design, it needs to have less pressure and cut those corners more slowly twice in order for it to go smoothly around the bends.

The Cameo machine is new to me too...and as I learn something...I'll try to pass it on.  I encourage you to do the same!

Happy Crafting!

Wonderful Wednesday sale 

Today only, you will find the two kits below for 50% off!

Ooh La La paper Kit
This collection contains 25 stylishly chic papers to treat your inner fanshionista!  Patterns from sexy shoes to dress forms will make you want to document your favorite girls night out, or a shopping trip with your daughter, or create a card for your best friend! This collection has fun printed patterns balanced with nice graphic papers and some subtle tone on tones to put it all together. The 25 papers will come in high res jpeg form.

Cuckoo 4U Mega Kit
This collection is gloriously HUGE and contains the Strawberry Love, True Blue, and Chocolate Melon color ways!

We also have an awesome giveaway this month!  
I'm giving away one Digital Gift Certificate for $10 to my store a lucky winner! 

To enter:
Simply leave a comment on my blog 
between 12:00am March 14th and 11:59 pm March 18th, 2012. 
Winner will be announced on my Facebook Page on Monday March 19th. 

Keep gets better...
There's also lots of chances for additional entries!

1. Receive an additional entry for commenting on each of the other blogs in the blog hop.

2. Receive an additional entry when you follow my blog  (be sure to mention it in your qualify for this step if you are a new blog follower or if you already follow this blog.)

3. Receive an additional entry when you follow us on Facebook. This fun page is updated often with creative team projects and community projects from the pages readership. (be sure to mention that you are following us on Facebook in your comment...both new followers, and current followers qualify for this step.)

WOW, that is 13 chances to win! a special bonus if you complete step 4 below.

Here's a special prize...
that I will give to EVERYONE 
who completes step 4 between 3/14/12 through 3/18/12:
Step 4. Sign up for an e-mail subscription to my blog (see column to the right) and you will automatically receive a free SVG cutting file that you can download and use on your personal electronic cutter. It's the butterfly card pictured above. Please be sure to mention in your comment (on my blog), that you entered your e-mail in the subscribe box, so that I can retrieve your e-mail from the subscription list.  If you are already an email subscriber, just leave the first part of your email address in the comments section (I missed a few of you last month because I couldn't find you.)  This will allow me to find you in the subscription list so I can send out your SVG file!  The link to the SVG cutting file will be e-mailed early next week. 

Now for the hop!
This month, my creative team has been mixing and matching!  It is going to be fun seeing how each team member interpreted the challenge, so let's get on with it... 
Here's the list of participants:


  1. Samantha, I have entered my email to subscribe to your blog. I buy LOTS of your designs from the Silhouette store! They are always beautiful!

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  3. Love your blog and LOVE your hints

  4. Love the Silhouette tips and you free SVG is gorgeous!

  5. Entered my e-mail in the subscribe box. Love your designs in the Silhouette store.

  6. WOW!.
    Okay, I have signed up for email updates.
    I am now a follower of your blog via google reader.
    Love the inspiration here. Thanks for the Bazzill cutting tips.
    Sandra ltb
    slbt17 at yahoo dot com

  7. Love your work! My email is sbenivegna@gmaildotcom
    Thanks so much- I love the card!

  8. I an soooo excited you're offering SVG's now. Subscribed via email - schnauzermom@ gmail dot com.

  9. Hi, I have subscribed to you blog now, I follow your blog and on FB and I just love your designs in the Silhouette store :) I have never entered a blog hop before, so now i will jump off to the first site... //Anki (ankifj at gmail dot com)

  10. HI! I'm confused as to whether to leave one comment or one for each entry... So here is one with everything.
    Here is my comment. I love that new Cukoo 4 u pack!
    I am a follower of your blog!
    I subscribed to your email.
    I follow you on Facebook!
    Now off to check out the others in the hop!

  11. Hi Samantha I have subscribed to get your email updates. I love your designs and have had lots of comments on the card wraps that you have in store.

  12. Signed up for email updates! Stunning designs!

  13. Sorry! I forgot... my email for the subscriber is rubyred2211 @

  14. I love getting tips on using my Silhouette...thanks!

  15. I love the free butterfly. I am a follower to this blog and my email is shelcook@.

  16. I subscribed to your blog. Beautiful card.

  17. I signed up for email updates and subscribed to you blog. I already follow you on FB. Love your designs.

  18. I have entered my name on your subscription list. Thanks for sharing these hints. Love the pretty butterfly, too.

  19. I'm off to check out the blog hop...

    I follow you on Facebook.
    I am an e-mail subscriber...dorseyss(at)

  20. beautiful card! followed your blog, liked your facebook page,signed up for emails, and I'm doing the hop! :)

  21. Oh, I forgot my knew i forgot something! ;)

  22. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks for the great tips on cutting Bazzil paper, it's not always easy to work with. I turn it bumpy side down, it seems to cut better me that way. I have a bunch of projects and tutorials on my blog using your shapes at, please come by anytime!

  23. I follow your blog and facebook page in addition to subscribing to your Emails.
    Katsews at Gmail dotcom

  24. Hi Samantha,
    I already subscribe to your blog, so I'm looking forward to the SVG file...As always, thank you so much for all your inspiration and for a chance to win!

  25. thank you your genrous SVG offer. I am already subscribed as
    hugs, P

  26. Beautiful card!
    I follow you on Facebook, signed up to subscribe.....I forgot what else I'm supposed to do, but I'm going to check the blog hop!

  27. I love all your items! How wonderful to see paper, fabric and cutting files that are sooo beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  28. I subscribe to posts already, because I don't want to miss a thing! Always a happy day with SW posts, so thanks for the extra chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  29. I am hoping to become a part of the Silhouette family soon. There are just some things that The Cameo has to offer that the Cricut doesn't. I would like to have more options. So as I read your blog the more I am convenced I would definitely like to own a Cameo as well. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  30. Anonymous1:05 PM MDT

    Hello! Love the blog, and the tips for Silhouete. I follow you on fb and I think I am subscribed to your mailing mskubelka@oodyingetioneyw

  31. Hi Samantha! I follow your blog and I follow you on FB too! Just signed up to receive your email newsletter too. :) Such to hop! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  32. Thanks for all the beautiful designs you create.I haven't received the butterfly card cut file,the first part of my email is bjperr2.Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  33. i quaifly to leave this comment as I receive email updates from you.Love your blog.

  34. I just signed up to follow you on facebook,now Iam off to look at the others in the blog hop.

  35. I guess I did this backwards at I came to your blog first and then Facebook,then I went to all the blogs to visit.Thanks for the chance to visit new blogs,so I hope I didn't mess things up by doing it the way I did it.

  36. elvira.ketterling
    I've been following you since January, when i got my Cameo, love your work, thank

  37. Samantha, thanks for the chances to win and for your awesome giveaways!
    I have been following for a little while now and love everything you do and as a new cameo user, the tips are great also. jtobin

  38. I entered my email!!

  39. I absolutely love your card. Great job. I'm a new follower and email subscriber. Thanks so much for sharing.

    askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com

  40. I'm already a subscriber.


  41. Thanks for the cutting tips.

  42. already a blog follower.

  43. Just signed up for your newsletter. I like you on Facebook too. Donna

  44. Samantha, I have entered my email to subscribe to your blog. I love your designs!!!

  45. I forgot to say that I entered my email in your subscribe box. Look forward to receiving your cutting file for the adorable butterfly card. Thank you!


    I am enjoying a lot of your designs from the Silhouette store.

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  48. Start of email addy : whycee

    Hi Samantha, I am already a subscriber to your amazing blog and am a purchaser of your great files through the Sil Store. Thanks for the great designs.


  49. I have entered my email subscription. I love your designs for the Silhouette and your tips for cutter.

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  51. Oh you know how much I love your designs....keep up the fantastic work! I think I own ALL of your designs for the Silhouette ;-) I follow your blog and subscribe to it as well...bit of a stalker huh? ;-)

  52. Anonymous7:04 PM MDT

    I just found your blog:)
    I do buy your stuff from the silhoutte store though and love them!

  53. My email is ytickrap

  54. love your butterfly card! i started following your blog. I am already a facebook follower. I subscribed to your email list. Think that is 2, 3, and 4. Now off to work on 1!

  55. I love your designs. Thank you for the wonderful ideas and tips on your blog. I just entered my email to subscribe.
    Thank you

  56. i just adore your monthly creative blog hops!!! your team is full of versatile inspiration for everyone. i'm so glad i took a moment out of my day to stop by each & every one. I've been so busy lately that blog hops have not been part of my routine. yours is one i can't let slip by!!! *hugs* and you know I'm a follower of your blog and HUGE fan on fb and RL! :D

  57. just confirmed my email subscription. I love your designs I got some from Silhouette store.
    Great job with the butterfly card. Looking forward to get it.
    Greetings from Bayern (Bavaria-Germany)

  58. Just found your blog and have entered my email your designs in the silhouette store...keep em coming!!


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