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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creative Imaginations Reveal! Tea Party!

One of my favorite stories to tell from when I was little, is when one of my cousins engaged my Grandmother in a proper tea party. I thought it looked like so much fun. Grandma put her pinky in the air and sipped her tea very politely with my young cousin.  I was slightly jealous of this interaction and how much fun they seemed to be having...until Grandma asked my cousin, "you are so short, where have you been getting your water for the tea? It tastes so sweet!" Then my cousin proceeded to take my Grandmother into the bathroom to show her where she had been getting the water, and she dipped a tea cup into the toilet and offered my Grandmother another cup of "tea."

I wasn't so jealous of that tea party any more...but the idea did pique my interest and I got my very own tea set the following Christmas.  I cherished that set.  It had pink roses on the little plastic cups, and I knew where to get my water for the tea...not like my cousin. I made many happy memories with that tea set and my stuffed animals.

I think we all can think of a time where we enjoyed a "tea party" with a friend, doll or stuffed animal when we were little. As adults, drinking tea is associated with friends, and chatting, and enjoying the passing of time together.

I'm so excited to introduce to you, my new collection, Tea Party, for Creative Imaginations. Through the iconography of tea party elements, it celebrates friendship and the warm feelings associated with the ones we love. I hope this collection warms your heart, and inspires you to create projects for and about those friends and the people you love.
Here's a close-up on some of the papers from the collection...

and a closeup on the 12X12 sticker sheet...

And....if you want a REAL treat...hop over to the Creative Imaginations Blog...they have some amazing projects created with this new Tea Party collection displayed on their blog.


  1. I am so in love with this paper just gorgeous

  2. Loving this new line:)

  3. Gorgeous! Love the paper and the sticker sheet. :)

  4. This paper line is so pretty, I will be looking for it in my favorite online store.


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