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Thursday, November 10, 2011

UPDATE on Blog Hop story:

For those of you who have been helping make a decision on what I should do with my printers cabinet, 
I want you to know that...
 I intend to restore paint will touch it. ;o) 
So anyone cringing out there, can relax...this beauty is going to be well taken care of.

In my room I was originally going to find an old china cabinet to paint aqua and distress and use as my paper storage...but when I found this printer's plans started to change.  Although I would love to add in some aqua to my room...there is no way (after all the research I've done over the past few days) absolutely no way... that I will paint my Hamilton Printer's cabinet.  

What I will do is use some quality wood soap, and clean it up, then oil it with tung oil.  This will bring out the wood grain and still show off the beautifully aged wood.  My husband is a woodworker and he would love to help me with this project...he is excited about my find too...although he hasn't seen it yet...he'll be back this afternoon.  Yeah!  

I would like to pick up some Hamilton Printer's trays and try to fill some of my drawer slots, but this particular model of the Hamilton Printer's cabinet...which appears to be around 1905...the trays are more expensive.  They have the ornate fleur de lis and diamond patterned drawer pulls...which are harder to find. If anyone knows any leads on good-priced printer's trays (job cases)...I may be looking.  I did find some printer's trays yesterday, but they are newer...and they are slightly off in size to fit.  They need to be plained down on the sides by 1/8 of an inch, then they will fit.  They aren't nearly as old of drawers...probably 1950's as they have masonite bottoms and and metal front covering the wood.   These newer drawers will be nice to have to sort knick knacks, even though they aren't original to the piece.

I thought it might be fun to find a bunch of antique cast iron drawer pulls and incorporate them into my new cabinetry that will go in the desk areas of my studio. That will help tie everything together...can't wait to see it all come together, but for now I'll just enjoy the process.  

So as I move along on this project, I'll post pictures.  It will have to wait a few weeks as I have some hefty looming deadlines. Thanks for all of your input yesterday!   


  1. I litterally laughed out loud reading the bold statement! I guess you had a bunch of people shocked! I'm sure that it will turn out beautifully! Even if one day it ends up with paint on it ;)
    Kindest regards,

  2. I really enjoy to read your post!!!
    I just love to way you think your gorgeus peace and how funcional they will be!!!!
    I love to by old forniture and do a special touch ....I love to do patina in all my fornitures!!!
    Great post.
    Kisses and huges


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