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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mom's Christmas Fudge

If you are familiar with my scrapbook line called Christmas in the Kitchen by Creative Imaginations, then you have seen this fudge paper. The fudge is real. The fudge is creamy, chocolately, marshmallow-y, nutty, and it is GOOD! 

For this paper, I took the photo of our family's traditional Christmas fudge, and collaged it with vanilla-stained recipes from my Mother's recipe box. This is the fudge recipe my Mother passed down to me, and my family now enjoys this every December as I carry on her tradition. My husband and kids are grateful that I do. 

I've been asked to post this recipe a couple of times by a friend, and I told them to watch for it around Thanksgiving...well...Thanksgiving snuck up on me.  So here I am...posting Thanksgiving morning.   I hope that you too can enjoy the tradition of making (and eating) the yummiest fudge in the world. I'm not really long as you follow the recipe to a T.  

You will love this recipe!  Please read through the recipe first to understand the prep first.

Mom's Christmas Fudge

1.  Marshmallow chunk prep:
Pour miniature marshmallows onto a 9 X 13 cookie sheet.  Make the marshmallows only one layer deep with a little wiggle room to spread out the marshmallows to cover the sheet. Put them in the freezer while you make the fudge.  

2. Nut prep: 
Toast 1 cup of chopped nuts.  I like walnuts.  My Mom prefers almonds (probably for allergy reasons.) Pecans are my second favorite nut to add to this fudge if either of those don't work for you.

3. Fudge prep:
one 12-oz. package high quality semi-sweet chocolate chips.  
(I HIGHLY recommend that you buy Guittard brand Chocolate. Winco, and Kohler's carry this can also buy it online. It will be worth searching out this brand. The choice of chocolate will make or break how your fudge turns out. While you are out buying your semi-sweet Guittard Chocolate...pick up a bag of their milk chocolate just to snack on...they are huge chocolate chips that are the yummiest available.)

1 cup butter (do not...I not use margarine.  Your fudge will turn out yucky.)
Cut butter into a LARGE bowl with the chocolate chips then set aside. It will look like small pieces of butter mixed with your chocolate.

4. cooking the sugar:
4 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup evaporated milk
20 large marshmallows 

Put sugar, milk and marshmallows into a large pot, and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly so that it does not burn. Bring mixture to a boil, then boil 5 minutes...add one minute for high altitude cooking. Remove from stove.

5. Combining sugar mixture and chocolate
Pour hot sugar mixture over the chocolate chip butter mixture. Stir until all ingredients are mixed.  Add 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract then stir until chocolate mixture is glossy.  

6. Adding mix-ins
Add the one cup of toasted nuts from the previous step, stir in.  Now add the frozen marshmallows, and fold them into the mixture.  Do not stir too long, or the marshmallows may start to melt.  We want marshmallow chunks. 

7. Pour fudge into a buttered 9 X 13 X 2 inch pan.  Refridgerate the fudge until semi firm, cut into 1 inch square, then put back into fridge until firm set.  Cover with saran wrap or foil, and store in the fridge. 

The process goes pretty quick on this fudge.  The main thing to remember is not to skimp on ingredients...use high quality. It is well worth the effort for the best tasting fudge. 

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