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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Christmas Box Project

I haven't had a chance to craft last month when we snuck away to my Sister in Law's cabin.  It was so relaxing...and especially fun because I got to do projects with my little Sydney.  She loves doing artsy craftsy stuff...she's a budding artist for sure!

I decided to play with my Christmas Traditions collection from Creative Imaginations.  This line was created to have the feel of a warm cozy home...while watching the winter snow through a window, dance down in a flurry of snowflakes.  I chose to use traditional home decor colors, rich reds, forest greens, olives, and teal blue and ice blue to portray this feeling.
For this project I used a the Aaron Box from Creative Imaginations Bare Elements (be.) collection.  This box is the perfect size for chocolates, collecting Christmas cards in, making a gratitude box, or gift giving small items like jewelry.  

I also used the wonderful Luminarte shimmering mist product from Creative Imaginations to add a little sparkle to the front of the box.  This gave it a particularly festive look...that is a little hard to capture in a photograph.  Trust me...this sparkles real pretty!

The interior of the box is lined with the snowflake papers and Christmas tree papers from my Christmas Traditions Collection.  I added a sticker for adding a sweet sentiment inside of the box. 


  1. OMG, Samantha, what a gorgeous project this certainly inspired me to make something like this...I LOVE IT!!!

  2. That is a beautiful box! I love it. Buttons, papers and all.


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