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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creative Imaginations Sneak Peek!

It's that time of year again...yup, CHA, where all the new scrapbook products are shown to retail stores for purchase. I have three new lines releasing at this show. They are all centered around the holidays. The first one I'll give you a sneak peek of is my Harvest collection.

This fun layout was created by Cheryl Mezzetti. I love how she created her tree using Creative Imaginations Real Wood product and my leaf paper. Great idea, Cheryl!
Spiced cider and pumpkin pie, balmy days turn into cool crisp nights...I love Fall! It's such a comforting season. The kids are back in school and Halloween approaches...the excitement of the Holidays sneaking up around the corner. I wanted to create a "feel good" line that would evoke the essence of Autumn staples such as warm stew and Mom's apple pie. The line appears simple at first glance, but then I've hidden in their little intricate details to give this line it's own unique flair. I especially like the label stickers in this line and the way the flowing letters look like whispy curls of an Autumn breeze. You will love that you can coordinate this line perfectly with my Halloween line also being released this summer. They are a perfect match like warm stew and apple pie. Enjoy!

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  1. I found your blog from the silhouette download store. I am trying to make some morning routine charts for my kids to help them get ready for school. i love your chore chart shapes, but there aren't all the things I need. It says on there that you are going to be adding more and I am wondering what you are adding and when. Here is what I need:
    Make bed
    put pj's away
    get dressed
    shoes and socks
    brush teeth
    comb hair
    eat breakfast
    clear dish
    make lunch

    some of these your dies will work great for. let me know if you will be adding anything that would work for these, please. thanks,


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