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Thursday, July 12, 2007

CHA Summer Sneak Peek!

I always have good intentions of keeping up on my blog between trade shows...but time ends up slipping away from me. I have a great excuse this time...I'm pregnant and due to have a new little boy by October 5th. I say by October 5th...because I have always been early for my due-dates in the past, and I refuse to be over-due. Anyway...the announcement of being pregnant is coupled with the fact that I'm still chasing around a 17 month old baby/toddler in disbelief that I will have two so close together in age. It is a fun time in my life...and I'm enjoying it...but just not taking the extra time to blog about it.

So in the meantime of making babies and chasing a toddler and taking care of a five year old and spending time with my dear husband...I managed to squeeze some time in there for designing a couple of new product lines for Creative Imaginations. I'll post my "Sweet Tooth" line today and wanted to let you know that this is one of my passions. I love to cook, and bake and eat and enjoy good food. So many fond memories of family gatherings are centered around traditions and foods that have become tradition. We all have recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation...I love my grandmother's prune cake with whipped cream--it may sound scary to some of you...but it was one of those things that only Grandma made best. I have a recipe from my mother for her famous Rocky Road Fudge...and it compares to no other. When she would make fudge in the kitchen we knew that the holiday season had truly started. These are memories too, and often have particular events that I associate with them. That's what this line is all about. Those yummy memories that make us feel the cozy comforts of good home baking and family traditions.

These will be available through Creative Imaginations at C.I. will be posting more sneak peeks throughout the week...don't miss them.


  1. Samantha, I love that line, makes me hungry!!

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM MDT

    This is wonderful Samantha! Congratulations on the new baby!!!

  3. Beautiful line!! Congrats on the new baby! My sister is due the exact same day, although she opted not to VBAC so she's havingher pumpkin on the 27th of Sept. My nephew is also 17 months old so she's in the same boat!

  4. That line would be great for a recipe album, love it!

  5. This line will be a welcome addition to both my cookbook and my heritage cookbook scrapbooks. Thanks Samantha!


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